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3Dinlife SLN-828 lentille séparatrice pour caméscope

3Dinlife SLN-828 lentille séparatrice pour caméscope

fiche constructeur:

Two sets optical lens to get scenes from L/R window with the gap of 50mm.

Matches with DV or DC of 30mm caliber or below

Simple to mount and operate, no need any other change on your 2D DV or DC. Just mount it on your regular 2D DV or DC.

Equivalent to a 3D DV or 3D DC, the scenes captured is a side by side picture with horizontal compression , and the definition and all functions are the same with your regular 2D DV or DC.

After adding SLN-828,Viewing angle of two windows keeps the same with regular 2D DV or DC’s
Perfect synchronicity of L/R images, their brightness and chroma are the same .

With the SLN-828, you can easily take 3D picture or movie without any electronical 3D combination or computer processing.
Highly making use of 2D DV/DC’s resolution: The L/R picture or video is compressed to 1/2 horizontally.
The left picture is shot by SLN-828.Through using our free software, You can stretch the compressed photo/video to normal length & width proportion. You can watch the 3D photo/video from PC under a decoder. Or watch from our 3D MP after converting the video/photo format by our software.
Easily get the 3D stereo function and the functions/ capabilities of original 2D device are not changed.
Comparing with the 3D device with double lens, this 3D LENS can achieve the synchronicity of L/R images and the brightness / chroma / Grayscale/ Optics features between L/R images are the same.
When the original 2D device is not on optical zoom(Zoom multiple is 1 ) ,L/R window are making parallel shooting. And after optical zoom, the optical axis of L/R windows will gradually assemble to the centre which will achieve the surprising 3D effect.

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