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NuVision 60GX wireless LC glasses make it easier than ever before to include stereoscopic visualization in your arsenal of desktop tools. Designed for comfort and convenience at a reasonable price, a pair of the lightweight glasses can be worn for hours with no eyestrain. They even fit over prescription glasses - just slip them on.

Viewing quality is preserved consistently over the entire display, with stereoscopic images that are clear, crisp and flicker-free at speeds in excess 120 Hz. The glasses are designed to minimize reflections and provide over 600 hours of battery operation. NuVision 60GX wireless stereoscopic LC glasses are compatible with all of today’s stereo-ready workstations, PCs, and software.

For non-stereo-ready computers (using generic graphic cards), MacNaughton's 60GX-NSR is just the tool you need to turn your computer into a stereo-equipped workstation. Either way, you benefit from the exciting depth perception and insight provided by MacNaughton's industry-leading stereo technology.

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