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les lunettes 3D shutters crystal-eyes 3 de Real-D:

lunettes stéréoscopiques 3D shutters crystal-eyes 3 de Real-D

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* Battery Indicator Light - Alerts user when to replace batteries
* Comfort - Multiple fit options provide greater comfort and accommodate a wide array of users. At 3.3 oz. (93 grams), CrystalEyes 3 is as comfortable as a pair of eyeglasses
* CrystalEyes 3 carries a 1-year warranty
* Easy Installation - supported on every major UNIX platform and NT workstation. Emitter installation requires only a simple cable connection
* Image Quality - delivers a typical dynamic range of 1500:1 ensuring a realistic, high-resolution, ghost-free color image
* Multi-User Capability - An infrared emitter synchronizes eyewear with the stereoscopic image allowing for any number of users to simultaneously use CrystalEyes 3 with complete freedom of movement
* Video Compatibility - View stereo video images on stereo-ready color displays in real-time
* Extensive System Compatibility - is compatible with all Power Mac G5 and UNIX workstations including those from Silicon Graphics Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Compaq Alpha and Windows workstations
* Broad Software Support - Nearly every major solid modeling/prototyping, molecular modeling, industrial VR and GIS software application supports CrystalEyes. The list of applications includes products from Tripos, Accelrys, Schroedinger, Z/I Imaging and many others

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