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lunettes 3D shutters crystal-eyes 5 de Real-D

lunettes stéréoscopiques 3D shutters crystal-eyes 5 de Real-D

lunettes 3D à obturation crystal-eyes 5 de Real-D:

CE 5 have integrated DLP® Link technology that synchronize to 3D-ready DLP® displays* -projectors or TV's- without an emitter.
Two-button control for power and 3D/Dual Channel mode with LED indicator put the user in full control.

* If display includes proper DLP® Link chip

fiche technique constructeur:
* DLP® Link eyewear synchronization with 3D-enabled DLP® TVs and DLP® Link projectors - emitter-free
* Light weight for all-day wear (67 grams)
* Internal rechargeable battery with USB charger included - 24 hour use - reduce waste & increase reliability
* 5-minute power off if active signal not received
* Resists ambient light synch signal interference
* Interchangeable rubber nose piece for custom-fit
* Unprecedented 5000:1 contrast - perfect images
* 1.7ms response time - no eye strain
* Includes a One-Year Warranty
* The only eyewear with Dual Channel capability

Display Compatibility

* Samsung DLP® 3D enabled televisions
* Mitsubishi DLP® 3D enabled televisions
* DLP® Link 3D Enabled Front Projectors

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