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caméscope 3D stéréoscopique Toshiba SK-3D7K 3D

caméscope stéréoscopique Toshiba SK-3D7K 3D

* Video format: VHS standard
* Power source: DC 9.6V
* Signal system: NTSC-type
* Recording system: Luminance: FM recording
* Color: Converted sub-carrier direct recording; Conforms to VHS standard
* Cassette: VHS-C cassette
* Tape speed:
o [SP] 33.35mm/sec (1-5/16 ips)
o [EP] 11.12mm/sec (7/16 ips)
* Recording time (max):
o [SP] 20 minutes (with TC-20 cassette)
o [SP] 30 minutes (with TC-30 cassette)
o [EP] 60 minutes (with TC-20 cassette)
o [EP] 90 minutes (with TC-30 cassette)


* Output: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced (via AV IN/OUT connector)
* S/N ratio: 40 dB or more (SP), 38 dB or more (EP)
* Pick up: 1/2"-format CCD
* Minimum required illumination: 15 lux (1.2 fc) (at f/1.6)
* Lens: f/1.6, f=9.5mm, lens with auto iris control
* Color temperature switching: Preset in three steps
* White balance adjustment: Full-auto/preset standard
* Viewfinder: Electronic viewfinder with 0.6" black/white CRT


* Output: 346 mVrms, 16 to 32 ohms (via AV IN/OUT connector)
* Microphone input: -63 dBs, high impedance, unbalanced
* Background music input: line level
* Monitor output: low impedance earphone

* Operating temperature: 32 to 104 degrees Farenheit
* Operating humidity: Less then 80%
* Storage temperature: -4 to 140 degrees Farenheit
* Weight: 2.875 lbs (with viewfinder)
* Dimensions: 4.9 x 6.1 x 10.4 inches

Viewfinder Display

* White balance mode
* Backlight compensation mode
* 1/1,000 shutter mode
* Counter
* Remaining tape indicator
* Warnings for:
o Low battery
o Dew
o Record inhibit (record protect tab on tape cassette)

On Camera Features and Controls

* Records in field sequential 3D mode or conventional mono video
* On camera controls for:

o Play, record, rewind, fast forward, pause/still, stop
o Record preview (plays previous 2 seconds and returns to Record-Pause mode
o Backlight compensation (BLC)
o White balance (indoor, fluorescent, outdoor, automatic)
o Highspeed shutter mode (1/1,000th second electronic shutter)
o 3D/mono mode
o Self timer (10 sec/60 sec)
o Viewfinder information display on/off
o Counter reset
o Counter memory
o Tracking
o Title on/off
o Title position
o Clock/date set

Wired Remote Control

* Play, record, rewind, fast forward, pause/still, stop
* Information display on/off
* Counter reset
* Counter memory
* Interval (time lapse or animation) mode -- 1 second frame every 1 minute)
* Title set, position, and cursor buttons.

Original Accessories

* A/V Output cable
* AC adapter cord (for use with TPA-3U below)
* TPA-3U -- Worldwide AC power adapter/battery charger:
o Input:
+ USA & Canada: 120VAC 60Hz 30W
+ Foreign: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz 30W
o Output:
+ 9.6VDC 1.2A (Battery)
+ 10.4VDC 1.0A (Camcorder)
* VDA3D2 3D adapter (shutter glasses demux):
o Video in/video out via RCA phono jacks
o 3 front panel jacks for 3 sets of shutter glasses (mini-stereo phone jacks)
o A/B field sequential selector switch
o Power indicator
o Power switch
o AC adapter
* Toshiba 3D SCOPE VDG3D1 (shutter glasses)

Modifications made to camera

* Grip strap removed
* Start/stop remote control jack added
* Adjusted for 6ft convergence (as recommended by REEL 3D Enterprises)
* Velcro for mounting accessories

Additional Accessories

* Cinema Products Steadicam Jr - VHS-C version (V-G13A1/8C100):
o Handheld video camcorder stabilizer with B/W high brightness monitor
o Sandard accessories:
+ `Obie' light
+ Steady stand
+ Video cable (1 original, 3 spares)
+ Stepper adapter
+ Weights and stop block for adjusting camera balance (plus spares)
+ Video training tape ("The Art of Steadicam Jr" version 2.0)
o Custom accessories:
+ Pistol grip w/ start/stop trigger
+ Remote cable (for either the pistol grip or start/stop switch on Steadicam Jr)
+ Custom adapter plate (improves camera balance)
* Custom close up lens
* VHS-C to VHS cassette adapter (Radio Shack)
* 9.6V Battery packs (10 total):
o (8) 1 Ahr
o (1) 1.2 Ahr
o (1) 1.4 Ahr
* Camcorder battery tester/reconditioner:
o 5 LED battery charge indicator
o Audible alert at end of discharge cycle
* Toshiba factory service manual (187 pages)
* Waterproof foam padded case (which holds):
o Camcorder mounted to folded Steadicam Jr
o Viewfinder (dismounted from camera)
o Pistol grip (dismounted from Steadicam Jr)
o Close up lens
o `Obie' light
o (1) Battery mounted on camera
o (1) Tape cassette in camera
o (2) Spare tapes, or (2) spare batteries, or (1) of each

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